BPB Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Germany)

‘A New European Era?’

For the 10th edition, The magazine has 10 different covers -
CONCEPT: Can we predict the future of Europe? 
I refer to the Tarot -or fortune reading- cards*. I represent Europe as a goddess seated on the back of a white bull (Greek Mythology) juggling with 12 different symbols. The 12 yellow symbols on Blue background stands for different visions and challenges for Europe. An other issue for Europe is it’s vague or nonexistent identity. This is symbolized by the faceless woman.
*Tarot Cards: I love the classic Tarot Cards illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith, 1909. 
The clear, fresh visual style, the mysterious messages and rich symbolic signification appeals to the imagination.
Sketch > Pen & ink drawing > Photoshop Flat coloring > Colored details, Wacom > Textures​​​​​​​
As final step: I have a collection of scanned textures. Ink washes, grainy textures, patterns,...
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