'de lage landen' (the-Low-Countries) 
Magazine that brings context to art, language, history, literature and society in Flanders and the Netherlands, released every tree months as thick book with in-depth articles. 
The magazine has a completely new look since februari '21.
Designed with care by Pascal Van Hoorebeke and I'm asked to draw the covers!

N°1 - Illustration of the first issue is an older work, the poster for Cinémar. The moment I was asked I was not available, so I am very happy that Hendrik himself suggested using this older illustration I made for a featured dossier on the long, uncomfortable history of the Netherlands and its former colony Indonesia.

N°2 - New illustration about the future of the countryside
Inspired by this work of the Flemish Expressionist painter Gustave Van de Woestyne
Thanks to editor-in-chief Hendrik Tratsaert for the opportunity and input 
and to Pascal Van Hoorebeke for the beautiful graphic design.

ENG - the low countries ​​​​​​​