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Songs and stories of the Decameron
 3 Colors Screenprint
42cm x 70cm - 16,5" x 27,6"
Edition of 45 - Signed & Numbered
Handprinted by Drukte, Ghent

- Some details -
- Proces -
Hubert -one of the theatermakers- suggested to do something with the Pest Doctor.
That was a useful starting point. The plan was to make an image that is dark but at the same time playful.

This is my first screenprint experience since artschool, a decade ago. 
To be continued...

Some imagery to get in the mood: medieval miniatures, the Pest Doctor, play cards, neo-medieval holy cards,...
The Romantic neo-medieval castles Neuschwanstein & Schlosslichtenstein
Other sources of inspiration are vintage poster designs, the contemporary American West Coast Scene.
And the work of contemporary illustrators Jon Classen (left) and Carson Ellis (right).
I like the decorative style and the geometric stylization of the architecture.

Oops, I had the wrong title...  The adjusted version below was aproved
I started with the central image - Rough pencil sketch postcard-size
To get it sharper, I scan in the sketch. Print it out at double size in a light color. And draw back on it in pencil.
Tracing on the lightbox
COLOURING (photoshop)
I was curious how the castle would look like without the contour lines

I like it, much fresher
I'm not so satisfied with the monk's face. The style is a bit to realistic and detailed to fit the rest.
The character in my first sketch was more appealing.
1. First Sketch - 2. Inked - 3. New inked version based on the first sketch (and pasted in digitally)
That's more like it...
After the lettering is set right, I trace and ink the lettering by hand.
Extra work but the handdrawn lettering fits the drawn image better.
For the ornaments I was inspired by some holy cards.
The pendrawing is made very small, because I like the ragged edges I get when blowing-up the image
I put the image toghether and coloured the doctor
Remains to be done: medieval floral ornaments + a falcon and a rat
I found this beautiful wallpaper by neo-gothic artist William Morris (1834 - 1896).
Left: Original - Right: Conversion to black & white, high contrast, negative
I took the elements that I could use and cut & paste them together in photoshop. 
To fit the drawing I also draw some extra branches as connections with wacom  and I ad some details like thorns.
A lot of work but worth it...
pendrawing - photoshop colouring - fit into place 
And to give it a more outworn look.
Ragged Edges: Because the central image was drawn on a large scale, the edges are very straight. 
To also have more jagged edges -like the pest doctor- I use a bit of the photoshop filter glass rimpel. 
You can see what I mean in the woman's chin and neck.
Texture: I ad some grainy texture to the colour fields (I used a scan of a monotype sheet) 
Grid: because it's going to be screenprinted I have to give the halftone-greys a rough grid.
A bit of rotation of the hand
The light and shadow on the hat didn't fit the light on the masks
- Finished -
Thanks for watching!