Editorial illustrations for HUMO Magazine

- Proces -

I'm fond of the beauty of old cheaply-printed package designs and comic books.
The coloring bound by the technical limitations makes the designs so powerful.

Some vintage firecrackers packages by anonymous masters
bottom right: comic panel by Jack Kirby
A lot of comic blow-ups and inspiring content on the 4 color proces: http://4cp.posthaven.com
in basic CMYK colors

And here a little technical info for photoshop adepts.
This is the way I do it. Found by trial and error.

1. Make the layers with the line drawing invisible. I don't want the linework to be rasterized.
    Flatten the rest.
2. Ad texture: I like it if the dots are a bit rough. To achieve this I ad texture before rastering.
    I have some scanned textures on my computer. 
    Here I added a grainy-ink-wash layer. Chose overlay (bedekken) layer.
2. Duplicate the image 4 times. 1 for Cyaan - Magenta - Yellow - blacK
3. Channels: Open the channels window in one of the duplicated images.
    Delete all the channels except one. You have a grey image. 
     Image > Modus > turn to greyscale
     Image > Modus > turn to bitmap > chose raster > the frequency is a bit trial and error

4. monotone: Now you have a rasered black and white image.
    First go back to greyscale: Image > Modus > turn back to greyscale
    Now you can choose a color: Image > Modus > go to duotone 
    > pop-up window: choose monotone and pick your color

5. repeat step 3 and 4 in the other duplicated images with he other channel colors.
6. Last step: bring the 4 images  together in one CMYK-image, with the line drawing on top.
    Make sure to choose duplicate layer to make the layers transparent.
Thank you!