2016 in review - 12 Opinions - 12 illustrations

Task: I was asked to make a series of illustrations related to 12 opinion pieces.
The articles are substantially very different. 
Most important was to create some visual consistency, a thread to link the different texts together.
I chose a refugee as a fixed character and as the outsider who hobbles through the past year
The changing scenery refers to the accompanying articles.

Opening image to introduce the character -
1/ Immigrants Will Never Integrate On Our Conditions
Jelle Henneman​​​​​​​
2/ The Labor Market Is An Ever Accelerating Carousel
Peter Mertens
3/ Belgian Muslims Should, Above All, See Themselves In The Mirror 
Montasser AIDe'emeh

4/ If Turkey ever comes to join the EU, it is time for a belexit 
Jean-Marie Dedecker
5/ Take Off The masks, NVA (On the flattery of the far-right voters by the NVA)
Jason Callewaert
6/ Compulsory Military Service Is Needed
Maxime Parmentier en Brieuc Van Damme
7/ Rancid, There Is A Tampon Here (On The taboo Of Menstruation)
Wided Bouchrika
8/ Why Does a Religious Belief Gets More Protection Than An Opinion
Veerle Wouters en Hendrik Vuye

9/ Belgium Is Struggling Towards The Fatal Crisis
Daan Killemaes
10/ You Have Nothing To Hide, Right? (On Privacy) 
Laurens De Meyer

11/ On gambling records in Belgian football
Christiaen Vandenabeele

Final image also links to end years season-
12/ On Hidden sugars And Food Fraud 
Laurens De Meyer

Thanks for Watching